The Y-experience


Our philosophy stems from several core beliefs and values that have been proven to positively aid development during early childhood.

3a Abecedarian Approach

It is important to stress that ‘3a’ is not a curriculum. It is an approach to delivering learning outcomes that can be used with many different curricula.

Developed by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, ‘3a’ has been tested and enhanced for over 30 years and has proven to be extremely effective in promoting positive and long-lasting outcomes.

The approach consists of four elements:

  • Language Priority
  • Enhanced Caregiving
  • Conversational Reading
  • Learning Games

More information about the ‘3a’ approach can be found in our Information Booklet and Enrolment Pack.


YMCA Childcare and Kindergarten is located at 7 Quinn Street, Kepnock, within the YMCA Bundaberg Campus. Facilities that the children can access include the YMCA Indoor Stadium, YMCA Netball Court and YMCA Picnic grounds. Children have the opportunity to visit these facilities on a regular basis.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on having an exceptional team who are passionate about early childhood education. Our educators all have qualifications in line with the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) 2013, Education and Care Services National Regulations (February 2018). All our staff must hold a Blue Card, undergo a National Police Check, have a current First Aid Certificate and Training through the YMCA “Safeguarding Children” program.

Just as importantly as part of the Y-experience is our team’s dedication to supporting children to have the best possible start to their school career.

Extra-Curricular Programs

YMCA Childcare participates in various programs that enhance the way children view and experience the world. These programs vary and may consist of regular outings or one-off events.

Telecare for Kids

Royal Far West’s Telehealth for Kids program gives Kindergarten children access to Speech and Occupational therapists via an onsite video link. Our staff are trained as Therapy Aides to help children progress through the sessions.

Safeguarding Young Children

To view YMCA of Bundaberg’s Safeguarding Children Policy, please visit this link: