Youth Services

What is Youth 360°?

Youth 360° is a support service for young people who are:

  • Experiencing or at risk of disconnection from their family and/or community
  • Young people may be experiencing problems staying in school,  training or facing unemployment
  • At risk of harm including self-harm
  • Homeless or at risk of being homeless
  • Our service offers one on one support in many areas where young people are needing support to gain skills and support to get through a difficult time

Youth 360° supports those young people to identify the positive directions they want to take in their lives – and supports them to get there!

What Support Do We Offer?

At Youth 360° the young person is central to everything we do.

Depending on each person’s need, the assistance offered can span two tiers of support:

  1. Providing access to information or advice on where to access the best services
  2. One-on-one ongoing support by a dedicated youth worker

We will enlist support and make referrals to other services where necessary to facilitate the best support and ensure all of a young person’s needs are met.

At Youth 360° we are focussed on building practical life skills that are vital for young people to be able to keep their lives on track.

Depending on a young person’s goals, support may focus on areas including:

  • Making it easier for young people to stay engaged in school or support transition into employment etc.
  • Fostering social and interpersonal skills to build healthy relationships with family, peers or others in the community.
  • Supporting healthy choices, safer options and levels of independence.
  • Ensuring a young person can access all the services that are available to them.

What Else Can the Youth Program Offer?

Advocacy & support to attend meetings, activities or special events can be provided to youth who have difficulty in accessing our centre.

Some of the activities we can offer to enhance life skills include:






Fitness activities within our gym


Art & Craft

Who Are We?

Youth 360° has a small team of youth workers who provide one-on-one support to assist young people to reach their individual goals.

The program is provided by YMCA of Bundaberg – a local not-for-profit organisation which has a 30-year tradition of contributing to the local community.

At the heart of our work is our purpose – our combined efforts to live and tangibly demonstrate that “We believe in the power of inspired young people”.

What Happens Next?

Once contact is made with our program, one of our youth workers will arrange a time to talk with the young person with their family/carer, or individually and get to know the issues or barriers currently in the young person’s life.

With support, the young person will identify what they need now, and plan for what they want in their future.

Where Can You Find Youth 360°?

Youth 360° is based at the YMCA Bundaberg Community Centre which provides a welcoming space for people spanning all ages and stages of life.

How to contact Youth 360°:
• In-person or in writing at 7 Quinn St, Bundaberg 4670
• Phone: (07) 4132 8225 or 0439 720 853
• Email:
• Like us on facebook to stay up to date

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